Dr Louise Pendry 

Psychology of Ageing & Academia 

Dr Louise Pendry is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Exeter. Louise's teaching and research explores stereotypes and prejudices, with a particular interest and focus on ageing. Most recently, she has been researching how online communities can provide support, especially for those coping with stigma, and she actively educates the younger generation about the need to question negative societal stereotypes in relation to age. 

As a ‘Pro-Age Activist’, Louise began to rethink what it means to age as a woman when she decided to stop dyeing her hair at 49, and go grey. This has led to new discoveries professionally and opportunities personally. In the workplace, Louise has been instrumental in her university's new menopause policy, advising on its development and implementation. She is working on a workplace intervention study that will utilise cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques to support those going through  menopause.


On a personal level, she has modelled in a series of campaigns for brands including Dove and the-Bias-Cut.com, has built an influencer profile at @silverserenity4 , and writes regularly on the topic of ageing -and the psychology behind it - with a book currently in the works.

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